Andrea Johnson is real. A blend of warmth, depth, and no-nonsense, she puts it best when she explains that she gives honesty to get honesty. While her professional credentials are impressive, she never abandons the basic premise that people just need to be heard. With today's societal message that you have to be happy, emotions and real human experiences such as pain, hurt, sadness and disappointment have, dangerously, become taboo. Andrea's office is often the only space teens and adults have to dive into the truth of their situation.


Finding Your Truth

Andrea explains that she gives people permission to be selfish, but her definition does not convey negative connotations. She sees when people live by the “shoulds” and “coulds” in their lives, they forget to make decisions for themselves leaving them depleted and drained. This results in anger, anxiety, confusion, and exhaustion—all of this from no longer being able to say “no”.


She accompanies her clients through a journey of honesty and rediscovery by listening, helping, encouraging, guiding, and educating. Andrea believes everyone has the necessary tools  within them, but it takes courage and support to expose the vulnerability necessary to create lasting change. “You must be honest with yourself and accept your truth before any change will begin,” she says.  “My role in this process is to help the client see what is--and what is not--working for them.”


Real Change for the Real World

Andrea encourages her clients to find and embrace their authenticity—something she is not scared to model in her own life.  She trusts her instincts, wears her trademark honesty at all times, and chooses to connect to the present moment as often as possible. She loves playing with her boys, enjoying the outdoors, and diving into crafts that keep her hands and her mind engaged.

For Andrea, there is a grounded translation from the therapy world to the real world. She is motivated and inspired when clients report change and thoughtfulness between sessions.

Understanding people's desire for measurable progress, she is seeking certification from the Gottman Relationship Institute. This program is well known for combining scientifically-based therapy with real exercises and a focus on goals to achieve greater understanding, connection, and intimacy in relationships.



Meet Andrea Johnson MED, LPC